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About Us

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit organization assisting developing countries to implement and optimize radiology and health imaging services, while improving the role of radiology in global public health initiatives.  RAD-AID is a global network for improving the provision of radiology and health care services in the developing world through a sustained longitudinal legacy of dialogue, education, resources, and collaboration.  For more information on these general areas of activity, please read below.  For more specific information on projects at RAD-AID, please visit PROJECTS

1. Clinical Education in Radiology

RAD-AID International runs training programs so that individuals in developing countries can learn how to perform and interpret medical imaging to make patient care decisions. To make sure that these efforts are optimized for areas with limited resources, we advocate for Radiology Readiness.

2.  Business Administration and Support

RAD-AID International provides training so that individuals in poor countries can start their own health clinics and grow programs to better serve the health needs of their community. This training may also include provision of access to loans or grants so that individuals can start and sustain health clinics or health projects in these poor areas. The aim of this work is to make these health projects sustainable over the long term.

3. Public Health

RAD-AID International provides education on public health issues such as maternal infant mortality, breast cancer screening, and tuberculosis control, all of which have important roles for radiology such as ultrasound, mammography, and radiography.  These public health issues have been identified by the World Health Organization as international priorities in which health personnel need to be educated on ways to better screen for breast cancer, treat tuberculosis, and prevent maternal-infant mortality at child birth.

4. Education on use and implementation of health care technologies

RAD-AID International provides training on the use and implementation of technologies used for interpreting and performing radiology studies. 

5. International policy education

RAD-AID International provides free educational resources on countries’ health care systems to build awareness of how global poverty is affecting the access to health care and imaging.  Visit the Countries section of our web site to view reports on various developing nations and their current radiology resources.