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RAD-AID Chapters

RAD-AID is pleased to announce the rapid growth of its new chapters network, which enables academic medical centers in the United States to start their own RAD-AID organizations to build international projects with global partners for radiology in the developing world.  Chapters already offering RAD-AID programs include (alphabetically):

     Baylor Health Care System

     Beth Israel

     Boston University Medical Center

     Brigham & Women's

     Childrens National Medical Center (CNMC)

     Columbia University

     Cornell University (NYP- Weill)

     Duke University

     Emory University

     Henry Ford Hospital

     Johns Hopkins Hospital

     Mayo Clinic

     Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida

     University of Pennsylvania

     Stanford University

     SUNY Upstate

     SUNY Downstate

     Tufts Medical Center

     University of Iowa

          University of Maryland

     University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

     University of Pennsylvania

     University of Southern California

     University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW)

     University of Virginia

     University of Wisconsin - Madison

If your academic medical center is interested in starting a RAD-AID Chapter, please visit our Program Overview Page and Application Page.