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RAD-AID Chapters Program Overview

Welcome to RAD-AID’s Chapters Program!! Forming a RAD-AID Chapter at your academic institution enables you to establish, organize, and manage your own international radiology projects in service to the developing world.  As a registered RAD-AID Chapter, you can receive vital resources and guidance needed to build your international radiology projects such as web pages, fund-raising strategies, and a valuable global network. If you are interested in starting a RAD-AID Chapter at your institution, we encourage you to let us know or ask us questions by emailing [email protected] 

Potential projects your chapter may consider undertaking include research, education initiatives, overseas mission work, technical innovations, conference participation, and more. RAD-AID Chapters are also encouraged to work with other universities both locally and abroad to implement projects that benefit the radiology needs of underserved populations around the world. This overview and the associated application can be downloaded as a PDF here.


By forming a RAD-AID Chapter, your chapter organization is able to:

1. Have your own web page on www.rad-aid.org so that you can 

  • Post a biography of your chapter
  • Describe your chapter’s projects and goals
  • Make announcements to chapter participants
  • Show progress of your chapter leaders and members.  
  • Use links to your web pages for outreach to partner institutions in the developing world

2. Apply for RAD-AID grants 

3. Apply for outside foundation grants as a RAD-AID affiliate.  

4. Participate in RAD-AID-affiliated health institutions’ radiology services abroad.

5. Participate in RAD-AID research projects and conferences.

6. Network with other radiology programs in your region to coordinate efforts on local projects as well as international RAD-AID outreach missions.

7. Receive formal recognition for your international work, with scalability and sustainability to grow and maintain your projects.

8. Develop your own projects or contribute to an existing RAD-AID project.


  • To form a RAD-AID Chapter, you must be from an academic medical center located in the United States accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
  • At least 3 members must sign a chapter formation document (click to download), in addition to the director or lead administrator for your department (such as Section Chief, Residency Program Director, Department Director/Chairperson, etc.)  
  • Mail a check made out to RAD-AID International for $200 to 2620 Spencer Road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Please note that the $200 in the application also covers the first year's registration contribution.


1. Sign and mail in your application document, which may be downloaded here

2. $200 yearly contribution (which is used only for the RAD-AID Chapter Program to fund web development, conferences, and grants). The check may be written either by the sponsoring department or the members signing the application.  Please allow 90 days for full activation of your chapter. 

3. Monthly conference calls with leaders from other RAD-AID Chapter Program affiliate universities (approximately 1 hour). This conference call will provide updates on projects and international radiology curriculum development.

4. Produce one project per year, which can be a country report, a research publication, travel project, etc.  In some cases, the project requirement may be waived per the approval of RAD-AID Chapter Program management.

5. Annual renewal, by which the chapter must resubmit the application form including at least 3 member signatures and the signature of the academic institution’s department leader, section chief, or director to maintain the chapter’s affiliation with RAD-AID. 

6. If you submit an application for an outside grant using a RAD-AID affiliation, you must obtain prior approval from RAD-AID management by emailing RAD-AID Chapter Program management.  

Startup Tips

1. Email residents, students and staff in your institution introducing RAD-AID and explain why this activity is important.  Outline goals related to organizing an institutional RAD-AID chapter and share a link to www.rad-aid.org. 

2. If you are a resident, medical student, nurse, technologist, or other health care specialist, find a faculty advisor within your department whom you believe will be interested in integrating radiology services with international outreach projects to help local and international underserved populations.  Attending physicians in your department may help you raise funds and gain support from your department for implementing projects.

3. Hold a social event each academic year to introduce RAD-AID to incoming residents, staff and students to build interest and increase chapter enrollment. 

4. Be sure to encourage participation from a variety of medical professionals within your institution to ensure you have a well balanced interdisciplinary chapter with multiple skill sets available for comprehensive project development. 

5. Brainstorm ideas for projects with other interested individuals at your institutions.

Web Site

At www.rad-aid.org space will be provided to your chapter for placing photos and text about your chapter so that other universities and health institutions can learn about your work. 

RAD-AID will provide the on-line server space, access privileges, and brief training on how to manage your web pages. If the above annual chapter renewal process is not completed in a timely fashion, the chapter’s web page(s) may be removed from RAD-AID’s official website until the chapter is reactivated. RAD-AID reserves the right to edit some content on the chapter organizations to ensure consistencies of web design and mission objectives.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a chapter have to be formed by residents?

No, a chapter can be formed by any staff within an ACGME accredited medical institution in the United States.  We encourage chapters to include members of different departments and a diversified staff composition, such as technologists, MDs, nursing, PAs, etc.

2. Does a chapter have to be formed within a radiology department?

No, a chapter can be formed by any department. 

3. Can a chapter be formed at a site outside the United States?

For the pilot phase of this program in 2012, RAD-AID is not yet able to offer chapter formations to institutions outside the United States, although this is a goal of the program as it develops further.

4. Can one institution have more than one chapter?

No. If your institution already has a RAD-AID chapter, we encourage you to join that chapter rather than trying to start another one.  

5. What if our chapter is unable to produce an annual project?

We understand that it can be difficult to get projects started and underway, so this requirement can be waived.  We request that your chapter’s leadership communicate your intentions and progress on projects to the RAD-AID Chapter Program management. RAD-AID can potentially help get your project started or overcome hurdles that you encounter.

6. Can a Chapter have a partnership with a radiology department in another country?

RAD-AID encourages you to form partnerships with radiology departments and health institutions in developing countries in order to plan and implement your projects. 


Thank you for your interest in forming a RAD-AID Chapter at your institution. We look forward to working with you to bring vital medical imaging services to developing countries. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!